Since the year 2006 in Thailand, the industrial fabrication sector has faced a shortage in skilled labour, especially Helper, Fitting and Welding workers. This was mostly due to Thai Colleges maintaining only 30% availability for these courses with only about 10 to 15 students each year graduating with welding as a major. This was certainly insufficient for Thailand’s growing economy with negative impacts to BIB’s growth targets. Our HR manager, Khun Prasong, has now introduced the “ Dual Vocational Training (DVT) program “ or in Thai “ทวิภาคี” or “ โรงเรียนโรงงาน “ into BIB.


How DVT applies to BIB?

DVT is the Cooperative Education and Training program between Thai Colleges and the manufacturing sector.  Under this program BIB has coordinated with Technical Colleges in the Northeast of Thailand to shape curriculums to match market needs. The program Includes both a 6 & 12 month apprenticeship at BIB to help adapt the academic theory learned at the collage into practical workplace experience.

To encourage participation, many benefits are offered to the students who join this program, including scholarship, daily & overtime wage, Social Security Fund, Workmen’s Compensation Fund, dormitory, shuttle bus, uniform & safety shoes and other necessary safety equipment.

Due to the program’s increasing success over the past 7 years, BIB has now partnered with more than 10 academic institutions in support of this program [see news]. The program today not only helps BIB meet our own skilled labour demands but also feeds trained workers into Thailand’s work force.