Our Procurement Department works closely with Project Management & Engineering to source the best quality components for your project. Raw materials are sourced internationally & domestically both from stock and direct from mills. Many materials are also stocked at BIB facilities allowing us to offer our customers accelerated delivery schedules that will bring your project to commercial operation earlier than otherwise possible with full material procurement schedules.

The SYSTEMS we supply are only as strong as its weakest component. We therefore source engineered equipment & components from only the most proven and internationally respected suppliers and we make sure to pass onto them your requested design & quality specifications in addition to our own application-specific requirements. Our broad array of qualified sub-suppliers allows us the flexibility to adapt our efforts to your project’s specific commercial needs, such as maximizing the percentage content of a country’s particular source, or selecting suppliers with the strongest service domestic to your project site.

BIB Supplier Lists

Our preferred origins for pressure-part materials:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Germany
  • France
  • USA/Canada


A key to our success is for our Procurement Group to get involved early in order to meet our customer’s needed schedule. We strive to maintain good relationships with our Vendors and develop win-win business strategies.

Our manufacturing facilities have excellent access to Thailand’s three largest ports where we can easily marshall and coordinate a variety of your packaging & shipping needs with a diverse host of international container & heavy-lift shipping lines. Domestically we are well integrated with several shipping partners who take the extra care to have our deliveries arrive safely.

See our Manufacturing page for further details on our pre-assembly & modularization capabilities.