About Us


BIB is a Thai-based technology supplier & manufacturer focused on safely & economically delivering to the Asian Marketplace highly value-added steam & small thermal power facilities aimed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • 50 Years Of Boiler Supply has afforded BIB the insight to tackle today’s demands on industrial steam generation. With a staff 500+ strong, we offer expertise in all areas of boiler island supply – from capable Project Management, Procurement, & Engineering  to quality Manufacturing – to dependable Site Construction, Commissioning & Testing Services.


Bring our expertise and competency for biomass steam generation combine with continuous focusing in product innovation & technologies development especially biomass and waste to energy technologies.  Strive to increase engineering & manufacturing capabilities and efficiency by maintain a good quality and optimize our resource. As a result, delivery a competitive system to client with benefit to environment.


To be recognized as a leader in AEC for both supply and EPC turnkey project of BIOMASS and WASTE TO ENERGY power plant providing the best practice, high performance, high quality  with cost effective technologies to offer client the best solution .

If you find a quality system and a good partner for your project ?