After 20 years of experience, Advance Power Conversion Co., Ltd. (APCON) was established for EPC and O&M in the biomass & MSW power plant, industrial power and communication system. Increasing wastes and the sharp decline of fossil fuels has pushed mankind towards a quest for a cleaner, renewable energy source. Ratchaburi- Eastern Energy Plus Co., Ltd. (R-EEP) and APCON foresaw the trend and in 2016
constructed the first privately owned waste-to-energy plant in Thailand capable of producing 9.9 MWe of electricity. Based on numerous outstanding boiler references, BIB was selected alongside SFA combustion grate to supply the boiler island. For the waste-to-energy industry to gain public acceptance,it must be environmentally friendly. Adhering to the European air pollution control standards, BIB introduced DrySoTec flue gas cleaning system which enables removal of waste gases, heavy metals and dust particles to the project.With strong environmental values, we believe in waste-to-energy and together we can revolutionise Thailand’s energy industry.

Project Detail

Client:Advance Power Conversion (APCON)
Location:Samut Prakarn, Thailand
Completed:February, 2017
Release Date:October, 2015
Application:Power Production

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Project Detail

Fuels:Refuse-Derived Fuel
Rating:35 MWt / 9.9 MWe
Combustion:SFA Patented Water Cooled Pusher Grate
Capacity:45 t/hr
Press/Temp:54 bara / 455oC
Blr Efficiency:>82 % @ 10500 KJ/kg LHV
Emissions:SOx/ NOx/ HCl~ 144/ 24/ 20 ppm PM/ Hg/ Cd/ Pb~ 56/ 0.04/ 0.04/ 0.4 mg/Nm3 Dioxins and Furans~ 0.08 ng/Nm3

BIB SCOPE: Design & Erection

  • Boiler Island
  • Heat Recovery
  • Feedwater Delivery
  • Ash Handling
  • Pollution Control
  • Dosing & Blowdown
  • Sampling Coolers
  • Platforming & Steelwork


  • Efficient method to reduce landfill waste and
  • avoid methane emissions
  • Cheap, eco-friendly and readily available source of fuel
  • Extra income from waste management
  • Efficient production of environmentally friendly renewble electricity/ heat from waste
  • High Thermal Efficiency potential
  • Custom Designed to suit refuse-derived fuel
  • Safe Operation with Good 4:1 Turndown Capability
  • 20+ year design life with Excellent Availability
  • Specialized proven design for RDF/ MSW plants
  • Hydraulic system ensures homogenous combustion and reliable ash removal
  • Maximised Power Plant efficiency ultilising high pressure & temperature steam and surface condenser