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Fuels:Rice Husk
Rating:11MWt / 1.5 MWe
Combustion:Travelling Grate
Capacity:15 t/hr
Press/Temp:23 barg / 250oC
Blr Efficiency:~ 78% LHV
Location:Ayutthaya Thailand
Completed:Jul, 2003
Industry:Foam Packaging
Release Date:Sep, 2002


Chancharern Co., Ltd. uses heating steam in their Foam-packaging manufacturing process. Previously they were firing heavy fuel oil in an in-efficient fire-tube boiler while paying increasingly higher fees to their local power utility.Through Chancharern’s 2003 cost reduction initiative and with our expertise & support, they succeeded in significantly reducing their plant operating cost by installing a small cogneration plant powered by a BIB rice husk package boiler.Rice husk is an agricultural waste that is abundant in SE Asia and regularly available at a reasonable price.

BIB SCOPE: Design & Erection

  • Boiler Island
  • Feedwater Delivery
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Ash Handling
  • Pollution Control
  • Instruments & Controls
  • Dosing & Blowdown
  • Sampling & Analyzing
  • Platforming & Steelwork
  • Electrical Work


  • Considerable Savings in fuel operating costs
  • Eco-Friendly: Neutral Carbon Cycle
  • Avoid Sensitivity to global fossil fuel cost fluctuations
  • Reduced Fuel & Electricity costs through integrated plant design using back-pressure turbine generator
  • Easily Achievable superheat temperature
  • High Thermal Efficiency potential
  • Safe Operation and enhanced metered controls
  • Fast Start up & Ramping
  • 20+ year design life
  • Adjustable Speeds to suit fuel selection
  • Shop Assembly offers Improved Quality
  • Shorter order-to-operation schedules